Students Life

Student Life is a special time for every young person who has decided to get professional education. For some it’s welcome changes, for others – fear of something new and unknown,but for every freshman it is important to have a friend who would help to orient in the fussy and frantic atmosphere of student life. The activists from Student Government Department have decided to help a freshman to adapt to the new environment and as soon a s possible to join the students’ family of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv.

Students’ Trade Union

The primary trade union organization of students is the largest civil society organization of undergraduate and graduate students in University. Its purpose is to represent and protect the educational, social and economic rights and interests of the members of the organization.To become a member of trade union of students, you have to be a full-time student at University who agrees with the Statute of Trade Union of Education and Science of Ukraine, fills in the application for membership and regularly pays union fees.

Wellness Programs

Sports Camp “Karpaty”

Sports Camp “Karpaty” is located in mountain region nearby village Chynayevo, on the edge of Mukachevo and Svalyava district, Zakarpatskiy region.

Tourists are placed in one-story brick buildings with double, triple and quadruple rooms and living conditions on the floor, or in quadruple wooden houses with living conditions of common use. For those who are interested in active holidays there are playgrounds for football, volleyball, basketball, badminton, table tennis; also there are organized visits to the recreation area “Boomerang” on the lake in the village Diyda. On the request of tourists there can be organized hikes and tours to Solotvino, Mukachevo, Uzhgorod.

The rest period is 12 days with tree meals.

Health and Sports camp “Lisotehnik”

Health and Sports camp “Lisotehnik” is located nerby the village Rybakivka and 200 meters to ty Black See.

The accommodations include double, triple and quadruple rooms with living conditions( toilet, shower, fridge, TV) in one or two-story buildings.Dining room has 350 seats.Health Services with appropriate medical first-aid equipment.

On the campus territory there are tennis courts, two volleyball courts, basketball court, table tennis, gymnastic apparatus.
The beach is equipped with a stationary point with lifeguards are on duty.

Holidays in Bulgaria

Trade Union of Students offers you a vacation in resorts of Bulgaria:

The list of required documents to get the bulgarian visa (have to be submitted no later than 14 days for departure):

  1. Passpport (The validity at least 6 months after returning to Ukraine).
  2. A copy of first page of Passport
  3. 1 colorful photo 3.5 x 4.5 with light background
  4. Tourist Profile.

A visa for students under 21 years is free. Visa costs 35 euros. All members of trade union organization  will get discount of 700 UAH !!!

About Hostel

Students of the Pedcollege  live in hostel №3  (Medova Pechera Str., 39)