Research Workshops

Steps to set up sciences into educating process 2016|2017.

Pedagogical college cares about the development of scientific, creative research work of the students and teachers, sticks to the scientific principle in delivering lectures and holding seminars, mastering professional skills.

Seminars: Interregional seminar on methods and practice “Introduction of project technology in primary school” – Sirant N.P., regional seminar on methods and practice“ The potential of innovative art technologiesin the work of higher educational establishments of the I – II levels of accreditation. – Kirsanova O.V. city seminar museology “ the use of informative and communicative technologies in educating process in primary school” – Sirant N.P. students’ seminar “teaching on native toungue duties of Ivan Ohienko as the bases of national education”. – LantsutaZ.Ya. Pedagogical reading “The poetess word will never disappear” (devoted to 135 anniversarryofMariikaPidhir’anka birthday ( MariyaOmelyanivnaLenert-dombrovska) a writer, poetess, pedagogue and cultural-educating person) – Mykhailyshyn R.R. Oral journal: “Gorgeous word and soul united in the mother toungue” – Sobolevska O.B. Literary and musical meetings: “The purest autumn evening” (devoted to 90-th anniversary of MykolaPetrenko birthday) – Gadzalo H.M., “Life is beautiful and I desire to create” – Kaspryk I.M. Workshops in egg-painting “Easter egg of hope” – Nazaruk L.M.,Nezura T.V. School of pedagogical skills: “Representative systems in paradigm of educating process” Syvyk H/Ye, NezelchenkoO.i., “Informative technologies in education” – Kornyat V.S., Prots M.O., presentation of the presentation of the monogrph of LilianaGentosh “Archbishop Sheptytskiy: 1923-1939.Probation of ideals” – group of teachers of social studies. We’ve held the meeting of teachers’ group of art sciences of higher educational establishments of I-II levels of accreditation of Lviv region and meeting of the teachers of humanitiesof higher educational establishments of I-II levels ofaccreditation of Lviv region. “On the entrance to new Ukraine” (devoted to150-th anniversary of Hrushevskiy birthday) – group of teachers of social sciences.

Presentation of students’ and teachers’ works devoted to 145-th anniversary of college.

2016/2017 students scientific conference “ Ukrainian revolution 1917-2017” (devoted to 100-th anniversary of Ukrainian revolution events of 1917-1921) group of teachers of social sciences. Students’ conference “ Ukrainian language: history and nowadays” – (devoted to international day of language)) – Tsyhylyk-Koptsyh O.O.