The Shevchenko’s Days

06.04.2020 | 16:47
Every year Ukrainians celebrate the Shevchenko’s Days on March, 9 – 10. These are the days of birth and death of the great Ukrainian genius.  In 2020 Ukraine commemorates 206th anniversary of birth.  On these days people all over the country recite the verses to honor the memory of Taras Shevchenko, an outstanding Ukrainian poet, writer and artist.
Oksana Sobolevska, the teacher of Ukrainian language, had a lesson with the first year students, the specialty of “Primary education” who studied Shevchenko’s biography and works. During the lesson the students managed to solve a thematic crossword puzzles.  “Each person has its own way to recognize Shevchenko’s genius. Someone – through the poetry, prose, painting, photography, and we were involved into the process of mysterious words intersection, ”- said Khrystyna Khimiak, a student of the group.
Galyna Senych