Group Leaders and Mentors

Group Leaders are representatives of Dean’s office and the Student Council for effective organization of the educational process in academic group, management of students’ team and involving them into all organizational events which are carried out by Rector, Dean and the Student Council or on their behalf.

A Group Leader is chosen by the Dean of the College  among the candidates which are suggested by the academic group. The candidacy of the Group Leader has to be coordinated with the group’s mentor and the chairman of the Student Council of the College. The candidacy of his deputy has to be agreed with the Dean.

A Group Leader could be the most successful student in academy group with high moral issues, with good reputation among students. That should be someone who is also active in social life of the College, has management skills and has authority over the students.

Group Leaders

The mentor of academy group is someone whose responsibilities are to help students to form the students’ team, to carry out the educational work among students, to contact with parents when it is needed, to solve the students’ problems, to give them the possible assistance, to control the educational process and etc.
The post of  mentor may take a lecturer who has authority over the students, high moral issues,extraordinary teaching and organizational skills.

The Mentors of Academy Groups